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Azores Sao Miguel Island Landscape Photography Part 5

The island of Sao Miguel in the Azores have some of the most unique lagoons of all the Azores islands. Legend has it that many years ago, in the place where today is the parish of the Seven Cities, there was a great kingdom where a young princess with blue eyes, very beautiful and kind was very fond of country life and one of her favorite activities was to stroll the fields, smell the flowers, wet her feet in the streams or just enjoy the beauty of the hills and valleys that surrounded the kingdom.






One day, during one of her long walks, the young princess passed through a meadow where she grazed a flock. Nearby, taking care of her flock, was a nice green-eyed shepherd whom the princess decided to talk to.

The princess and the shepherd talked a lot. They spoke of the animals, the flowers, the time, and all the simple and beautiful things that surrounded them. After this day, the two met each other to talk.

The days and the weeks passed, and the princess and the shepherd met every day in the same place where they had met. As time passed they fell in love and eventually swore vows of eternal love.








But the news of the princess’s meetings with the pastor came to the ears of the king, who was not at all satisfied. He wanted to see his daughter married to a prince from one of the neighboring kingdoms, so he forbade her to see the pastor again.

Out of respect for her father, the princess accepted this cruel decision, but asked her to let her go once more to meet the pastor to bid him farewell. Sensitized, the king said yes.

The princess and the shepherd met for the last time in the green fields where they met … Once again, they spent time talking at length about their love and about their separation. While they were talking they were crying too.

And they wept so much that the tears of the blue eyes of the princess ran down the valley and formed the blue lagoon; Already the tears of the shepherd’s green eyes fell with such intensity that they formed the lagoon of green water.








At last the two loved ones departed, and the tears weeping for their separation formed two pools that were forever together just as the two lovers could never unite, but they would never separate.

One is the Blue Lagoon, the other is the Green Lagoon : they are called “Seven Cities Lagoons”. On sunny days, the colors of the two lagoons are so intense.












“ Water is the driving force of all nature. ”

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Best of Algarve Carvoeiro Photography

Carvoeiro in Algarve Portugal is a fishing village that looks over the ocean with a long history, this peculiar fishing village has been growing in recent years, situated about 5 km from the town of Lagoa, Carvoeiro offers a set of small beaches cut by rocky cliffs, with clear waters and fine sand, forming paradisiacal places of summer that become suitable for residential tourism that has emerged in recent times.

Algarve Carvoeiro Beach Photography Messagez.com Algarve Carvoeiro Beach Photography 4 Messagez.com

In fact, since immemorial time that Carvoeiro has undergone several civilizational attention. In this magnificent stretch of the Algarve coast, where nature made wonders, the sea was last home to Romans, victims of naval battles and storms, whose remains found (a Roman and an anchor block) show in their presence. 


But it is undoubtedly the spectacular views, with its characteristic white houses look into the ocean and fishing boats with their nets to rest in the sand before venturing out on the high seas, which most attract the attention of visitors to this unique location. The scene resembles an old postcard!

Algarve Carvoeiro Beach Photography 4 at Sunset Messagez.com Algarve Carvoeiro Beach Photography 2 at Sunset Messagez.com

The fishing has been, since ancient times, the sustenance and livelihood of these lonely stops. Similar to what happened with other parishes of the county, Carvoeiro also accompanied the expansion of Canning Industry, responsible for generating numerous jobs.

Original Algarve Carvoeiro Beach Photography 2 at Night Messagez.com Original Algarve Carvoeiro Beach Photography Messagez.com

The shape of the coast, the water quality, the climate amenity, the renown food, accessibility and infrastructure created structures and proper land use in terms of planning, gave Carvoeiro the conditions necessary for stating as a quality destinations in Algarve, sought by domestic and foreign tourists.

Original Algarve Carvoeiro Beach Photography at Sunset Messagez.com Original Heart of Algarve at Sunset By Messagez.com


“In every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”

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