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Updated October 2016

Lisbon City of Light

The natural light of Lisbon, is considered an immaterial city icon.

Often invisible to the ordinary citizen, the light is measured in almost everything we do. Lisbon is considered one of the cities “more enlightened” by those who visit.

It is the European capital with the most hours of sunshine per year, with an average of 2786 hours, ahead of the 2691 Madrid and far from other cities like Paris (1661) and London (1573).

While it can not be touched, the light involves the capital with a special magic, is also responsible for the brightness and colors with which the human eye can appreciate this peculiar city.

The reason of the Lisbon light can be that “Portugal is a country with a lot of wind, which clears the air and allows a high visibility,” said Monteiro.

The topography of Lisbon also influences, since the seven hills on which the city is erected grants the form of a shell, so that the light is reflected in the hills, the Tagus river and is concentrated in the valleys.

The facades of light colors pink, yellow and ochre, the tiles covering some buildings and traditional cobblestone covering the soil of the metropolis, all of them bright colors, multiply the brightness and uniqueness of the Lisbon light..

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” There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

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