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  1. Wibi August 6, 2013 at 5:58 pm #

    Hi, Just got back from 2 weeks in Lisbon. I went 3 years ago bymyself but this time I took my son and his wife. There were afew chenags I noticed. The people of Lisbon were friendly and helpful and courteouson my last trip here. Pretty much they were impatient andnot courteous drivers. One big change is now taxis and busesand regular drivers will stop for you even if you just look likeyou are going to step off the curb into a marked crosswalk. Iam not in a hurry when I am in Lisbon so this doesn’t reallymatter to me but I am sure the the locals and most visitorsreally appreciate the change. Now if they can just pick up aftertheir dogs. One other change was a few more beggars and lots more streetpeddlers. No one I asked seemed to know if this was because ofmore tourists coming to Lisbon or just because of the economy.It is not something that bothers me though because I am usedto seeing tons more here in cities like San Francisco, California. I had another fantastic time in Lisbon and my son and daughter-in-law fell in love with the pLace also. Now I will see if I can getthem to follow your blog too.

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