Best of Lisbon Landscapes Photography Part 5

Lisbon is a special city with unique features: the sound of old trams going up and down the cobbled streets, the echo of Fado music in various places of the city, an authentic treasure of historic buildings, but also the coolest city of Portugal.

The Special Lisbon Viewpoint at Sunset Photography By Waiting for the Discoveries Photography By Alone in Lisbon Portugal Photography By Original Lisbon Monument to the Discoveries Photography 4 By Lisbon Arco da Rua Augusta Photography By Foggy Lisbon Landscape Photo By

Lisbon was originally built on seven hills and stretches along the Tagus River in a rolling landscape filled with Art buildings, magnificent monuments, numerous museums, fabulous terraces and beautiful viewpoints.

Lisbon Street Art Center Square Photography By Lisbon Triumphal Arch Viewpoint Sunset Photography 19 By Lisbon Oceanarium Reflection Photography at Sunset Lisbon Nations Park Smooth Water Photography 2 By Best of Lisbon Street Art Soap Bubbles Photography 7 By Best of Lisbon Garden Sunshine Art Photography 4 By

Filled with history and culture, Lisbon is known for its unique luminosity and incomparable charm. It has become one of Europe’s favorite destinations thanks to its incredible diversity, magnificent scenery and enviable sunny weather. All of the city’s sights retain a touch of tradition. Lisbon has preserved its old beauty and charm, whether in the streets filled with flower vendors or roasted chestnuts, splendid tiled buildings and emblematic pastries. As capital of Portugal, it was also here that some of the most influential moments of Portuguese History took place.

Lisbon Viewpoint at Blue Hour Photography By Lisbon Triumphal Arch Viewpoint Sunset Photography 3 By Lisbon Graceland Viewpoint Sunset Photography 4 By Lisbon City Center Reflection Photography By Original Lisbon Oceanarium at Sunset Photography 3 By

The oldest part of this beautiful area is the Rossio, known for its shoemakers, historical theaters and the variety of cafes and restaurants. Stroll through the dynamic Rua Augusta and go to the majestic Praça do Comércio – one of the most famous squares in Europe and the place where some of Lisbon’s oldest cafes are located. Do not forget to climb the Elevador de Santa Justa to contemplate the city from above and go through the small open air markets and watch the street performers.

Best Lisbon Panoramic View at Sunset Photography By Original Golden Love Sunrise Photography 2 by Original Flower Lisbon Bridge Sunrise  Photography 2 By Original The Discoverers Photography By Magical Bridge Rainbow Photography 3 By Best of Portugal Lisbon Tower Sunset Photography 24 By Catching That Special Sunset Photography By Amazing Lisbon Sunset Light Colors Photography 3 By Silky Lisbon Sunset Photography 2 By

“My role in society, or any artist’s or poet’s role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all.”

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