About Messagez.com WebsiteWelcome to Messagez.com, my name is Tomás and i’m based in the beautiful city of Lisbon in Portugal.

I have a big passion for travel photography and make the images and colors speak and pass on messages of beauty, love and peace to the world.

The purpose of this website is to share unique original photography art with the world, i believe my art is my message and my art is meant to be seen and shared with everyone, so if you like my art please share it with your world.

For me photography is the best way to communicate with the world and it is also the best way to perceive the world around me. Feel free to contact me through my contact page.

 “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”


Use of Images:

All images are Creative Commons, Non-Commercial. 

For Commercial Use:

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If you’re interested in purchasing fine prints of my art you can do it from the art portfolio.

For Non-Commercial Use: 

  • You can use my images for fun, as wallpaper, share them, on your personal blog or in a social project but you should
  • Link to www.Messagez.com
  • Give credit to Messagez.com
  • I would also really appreciate it if you could contact  me telling you are going to use my art images


‘My Art is My Message’